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Server Sounds

Here are the sound commands you can use in my server. You can also type !sound1 and !sound2 to see these sounds in game. To use these sounds type !s -sound everyone hears, !t -sound your team hears, and !m -only you hear. I.E. "!s ha", "!t ha", and "!m ha".


abouttime, accessing, action, adjustmyown, affirmative, afraid, afteryou, aggressive, ahh, ahyes, alertstatus, allclear, alleasy, allieoxenfree, allreport, allright, allyougot, allyours, alrightbonus, always, anothercredit, anothertool, anymore, apologies, areasecure, arguelater, arrived, atebrother, atside, attack, aw, babysitter, badcatchfrase, baddriver, barhurt, battlebegins, beforejoin, beingsarcastic, bemore, beready, bestgdi, besure, betterbymin, betternotdrop, bettertodo, bh, biggerfish, bighand, bitmore, blabla, blastthem, blewitup, blewthatup, bloodyhands, blowitup, bonus, boththinking, brainwashing, brightenday, bringdrink


bringiton, brotherhood, bulletcatcher, burn, busy, bye, bymyself, byourselves, callahead, callbackup, callforhelp, callingbackup, calmdown, canceled, cancelevac, candleout, candy, cankeepup, canthandle, careful, carefulnow, catchbullets, catchthat, challenge, changekey, changeposition, chatter, checkin, chicky, choppertours, citydriving, clear, cleararea, clever, com, comeonfight, comeout, coming, company, complaining, consideritdone, cook, cookbylaser, cool, costya, coulddothat, coverme, credits, crush, dance, deathbytib, destructionyard, didntdoit, didntknow, didntmeanit, didntsee, die, dienow, dieslowly


disease, doctor, doingallshooting, doitmyself, dontargue, dontcomeback, dontgetinway, dontgetit, dontmakemehunt, dontmissride, dontrun, dontshoot, donttellme, donttryagain, dontunlock, dontwantargue, dosomething, dowhat, dowhatican, drink, driveby, drivershavefun, easy, easyenough, easysee, elephants, elephants, eliminated, enemybetter, enemywearing, engaging, enjoywork, everyonegood, excelent, excited, explosive, exterminated, eyesopen, failcomunicate, faith, feelingdown, fewmorendone, fieldtest, fight, fightingtime, fightlikeman, fightshaking, finally, findit, firstone, fittofight, fixed, forgiveme, forkane


forme, fornod, forvillage, foundem, friendlydown, friendlyface, friendshere, frontyard, fun, g1, gameover, garbage, gatesopen, getdoor, getindead6, getinfront, getoverhere, gettowork, getusout, giftsforme, girlmistake, gogogo, gohome, goingdown, goingtohelp, good, goodidea, goodshoulder, goodtime, goodtoseeyou, gotcha, gotem, gothim, gotone, gottarget, gottrouble, gotyaboss, gotyoucovered, gotyounow, groundtargetdestroyed, groupup, grr, grunt, ha, hadcomplications, hadestroy, haha, hahaha, hand, handsinside, hanomoney, hardtofix, hateobby, havemore, haventdrove, havepermission, havetarget


haveyounow, havingfun, headache, headup, heardit, heardthat, hearyou, heavyfire, hello, help, hereshumvee, herewego, hesfinished, hesyours, hey, heynotbad, hi, hide, hithard , hitnrun, hitroad, holdfire, holdhere, holdstill, horrorflick, housecall, howdestructive, howmany, howsday, howtodrive, huh, huntmeals, hurryup, identify, idiots, igetpaid, igiveorders, ignorit, igotweapons, ihavekey, illcallyou, illfight, illtake, illtakethis, imbetter, imdriving, imgoingdown, imgood, imgoodthanks, imhit, imin, imincharge, impressive, inc, incairplane, infoleak, injured, inposition, insidejoke, intruder, isee, iseeyou, isntall, isthatyou


itexploded, ithelpgrabit, ithurt, itsafe, itsok, jerk, jobeasy, jobhazard, justwhatneeded, keepboots, keepcoming, keepcool, keepemcoming, keepeyeout, keepithot, keepmoving, keeppantson, keepundercontrol, killcount, killedhim, killer, killfriend, killhim, kisses, knowit, lag, lastday, launch, leavesmark, leaving, leftnright, lefty, letsroll, lighter, lightsout, littlebusy, liveone, lockdown, locknload, lookaround, lookinggood, lookmovement, lookout, looksok, lovedirtywork, loveexplosions, lovesound, lovespot, lovetap, lovethispart, lucky, mademess, malfunction, mammoth, mandown, medic, meetkane


mine, mistake, morearmor, morebulletcatchers, moreplaymates, morepower, morethanone, moretoys, move, movein, movemove, moveout, movingtopos, mtargets, mustbebirthday, myarm, myeye, myhero, myleg, mypleasure, myturndrive, myway, n1, nap, naptime, nastytwitch, needbreak, needchopperevac, neededthatone, needfood, needhelp, negative, neverfindme, neverfix, neverstop, newconstruction, nextone, nicensilent, nicerescue, nicetiming, nicework, no, noadvice, noammo, nobackup, noeffort, nofair, nofight, nofood, noise, noitspresentforya, nopay, noproblem, nosafety, notargets, notbad, notbadm8


notbetter, notbright, notcleaning, notcutout, notfail, notfair, notfinished, notfunny, notgood, nothingleft, nothingtoreport, nothurtme, notmuch, notnow, notraining, nottrying, notv, notwelcome, notworthit, notyet, nowhere, nowwhat, nowyourtalking, noyoudont, obby, offguard, ohman, ohno, onboard, oneattime, onlyyou, onmove, onroll, ontail, onyou, onyourshirt, onyourtail, oops, opensesame, opinion, orcapilot, otherleft, otherstokill, overthere, ow, owshot, pain, payextra, paymuch, pedaltometal, perfectshot, pickuptoys, pieces, pintail, pizza, playback, playtime, pleasedtoseeyou, poorshot, popguns, practice


preparedeath, preparetodie, presentforya, prettygood, prettysure, problem, problemsolved, progress, proud, quick, quicker, quiet, quietndeadly, rats, reallythinkthatworks, redcarpet, regretlater, regroup, religousexp, repairthat, report, reportingin, rest, ridingbike, righton, rightthere, righty, roadrage, rockets, rocknroll, roger, roundcivs, run, rundown, sarcastic, savedforyou, saveforme, scantargets, scenicroute, scoutarea, scum, seatbelts, seeanything, seehimjump, sensorsactive, serveshimright, shame, shootenemy, shootingme, shotagain, showintime, showyourself, shutit, simple, sirholding, sit, situationundercontrol


sleep, sloppy, smokingbad, sneakup, sobad, someonehere, someonethere, somethingup, sorry, sorrybrother, soundalarm, spidysences, spotnshoot, spreadout, standback, standingby, standingdown, startengines, staydown, stayinfront, stayndie, stealthfactor, stings, stopbylater, stoponeliners, strange, strike3, stupidcomments, style, support, surrender, sweetwheels, tag, takecare, takecover, takehim, takeover, takethat, takethemout, takethis, takeyouall, talent, talklater, talkmuch, target, targetelim, targetsdown, targetsuffer, teamwork, teaparty, tellfriends, tellmefirst, tellothers, tellrightfromleft, terrorist


testwillcome, thanksforintel, thankyou, thatall, thathurt, thatours, thatshot, thatskeycard, thatsyours, there, therehere, theresone, thereweare, theybeback, theysuck, thisforward, thisispath, tib, tired, tiredstanding, toasted, toeasy, toexciting, togood, tohot, tomuch, tomuchfun, toold, tovictory, traffic, trespass, trouble, tryingsay, tryingtodie, turnitoff, twoforone, ty, undercontrol, underwearfolding, visit, wait, waitingallday, waitingorders, walkinfront, wantmore, waseasy, wasnothing, wasntgood, wasntlooking, wasted, watchit, watchout, watchoutfool, watchsnipers, waterhere, waywords, weaker, weaklings


weaponcheck, weapondown, weaponready, wegood, weird, welldone, weregood, weresrepair, wetookthis, what, whataday, whatcanido, whatenemywant, whatshappening, whatside, whatsthat, whatthe, whatwedo, where, whereareyou, wheredyougo, whereitcounts, whereshouldigo, wheretheygo, whosethere, willsurvive, withyou, witncharm, woah, wontbeneededthis, woo, woohoo, workedup, wow, wrongtarget, wth, yeah, yeehaw, yesbrother, yesenemy, yessir, youburn, yougood, yougotaflat, youlikeme, youllgetbetter, youralive, yourbackup, yourcovered, yourdead, yourdeath, yourgone, yourjob, yourmine, yourshoes, yourteam, youseethat, yousure, youthere, youwerentlooking, youwilldie