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This is the first map that I made, just uses the basic stuff I have learned. Please note that this map is very old. I wasn't good at making terrain and I still am not good at it, but that doesn't change anything. This map was built to show you what you could hide in Renegade. Eight identical yellow keys turned out to be not so identical. If you like figuring out little secrets, then this map is for you.


This is used to make your server run with only one person ingame. This file only works with Free Dedicated Server (FDS). This file should be written over server.dat in your /server/ folder.


Renegade Tool Manager

This program is used to effortly install almost every mod package for renegade. It intalls everything from an entire server, to main server regulators, to Renegade Resurrection. More information here.

Download Renegade Tool Manager

NR Plugin

This is a plugin allows users to add their own commands to Night Regulator! More information can be found here.

NR Plugin


This program shutdown your computer after a specified time. Like sleep on your TV. Shutdown Program